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Just please STOP.

I read recently of a girl that was about to comite suicidium just for what? A F****** OLD DRAW OF ROSE QUARZ.

She did the draw before the character was released taking as only reference the portrait from up the wall that is inside Steven's house but everyone was like "OHHH YA DRAW HER THIN!! FATOPHIBIA!!!" Give me a break!.

Let's start with this fact: there was NOT official drawn from the character! Rebecca could have changed her mind and draw her thin. Or she was supposed to be thin but prefered to draw her fat. And let me remind you that there isn't a rule wrote in stone saying "you may not dare draw Rose Quarz as a thin girl or you shall perish" I may remind you that, internet had those "rules" that allow people do whatever they want. Of course it's their oppinion. Then why it couldn't be her opinion to draw her thin? Remember THIS is not official art this is FANMADE read me clearly FANMADE!!! And when a character is mentioned but never appeared in the series what does curious people? put their imaginations to work. For example: on the Phineas and Ferb fandom there was always the doubt how Ferb's whole name was. People tried to guess and they invented their own names for him and at the end? it wasn't that complicated: it was Ferbs, JUST WAS MISSING AN S (correct me if I'm wrong cause I don't remember quite well that post of Dan). Other thing was that people made their own version of Linda's past and how her husband was. Or saying that Doofenshmirts is in fact Phineas's real dad. Many people did fanart of how Ferb's mom would look like. Many people that didn't liked Fernessa created a girlfriend for him and each one did their own version of how Ferb's mom looks like.

As another example is something more recently: The episode 2 from TMNT season 4. I didn't liked the episode cause of all those "romance" stuff of Raphael cause to me it was a bit rushed and that Mona wasn't Mona at all (if you see the original Mona Lisa you know what I mean). But I don't go to the Ramona art and put "AWWW DAT IS SUCH AN AWEFUL DRAWWWW".

Those that do that are just a bunch of inmatures. Send all the sand you want, but you know that is true. Please you can't go insulting people for something stupid as a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!! THEY DOESN'T EXIST IN REAL LIFE!! and they can change at any chance if the creators want so don't complain that much! Each one is free of do what they want. And remember that all people don't have the same actitude about themself. Some are sentimental hurted, or are in a bad situation. It is supposed that fandom is to have fun and share your taste. But if the fans keep being all crappy and such I'm sure people will even more hate fandoms and critizice fans even more if people keeps like that. Making a mistake is not a reason to be that cruel and, sorry DA STAFF if I use this language, but fans not only are being sh*tty and real b*stards.

Send me all the sand you want but making a girl so sad to the point to do suicidium not only is stupid, but it is also killing someone with just using your words and call it stupid if you want but you're not better than the persons that kill people just for material things.

That is all what I have to say. Elizabeth out peace!!
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